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1 juin 2011

Collège de France, Chaire "Rationalités et Sciences sociales" (J. Elster), Colloq internat: "The Neutral Third Party in Conflict Resolution", Paris, 6-7 juin 2011

Information transmise par Fr. Audren:
Collège de France
Chaire Rationalités et Sciences sociales (Jon Elster, professeur)
Année académique 2010-2011
Colloque international, organisé avec M. Adam Przeworski

The Neutral Third Party in Conflict Resolution

lundi 6 & mardi 7 juin 2011

Lundi 6 juin
  • The Neutral Third Party: an introductory exchange, Adam PRZEWORSKI and Jon ELSTER
  • Roundtable on Sieyès’Jury constitutionnaire:
    • Two Models of Constitutional Jury, Horacio SPECTOR 
    • The Neutrality of Sieyès’Jury constitutionnaire, Arnaud LE PILLOUER
      • Comments by Michel TROPER and Pasquale PASQUINO
13h-14h30 pause déjeuner
  • Constitutional Design in the Ancient World, Adriaan LANNI and Andrian VERMEULE
  • Neutrality and mediation in early modern international conflicts, Pablo KALMANOVITZ
  • Constant’s Neutral Power, José Antonio AGUILAR
Mardi 7 juin
  • Constitutional Mediation and Political Compromise in Repeated Conflicts, Tianyang XI
  • Neutrality and Arbitration: simple models ; strategic questions, John FEREJOHN
  • Barriers to Conflict Resolution: Why Neutrals Can Help, Robert MNOOKIN
  • The Puzzle of commanding: the exercise of moderating Power, Fernando LIMONGI
13h-14h30 pause déjeuner
  • The Military as Third Party, José Antonio CHEIBUB
    The Reichspräsident of the Weimar Republic. A critical genealogy of the neutral power, Pasquale PASQUINO
  • The Scandinavian systems of labour mediation and arbitration, Torgeir STOKKE
Collège de France - 3, rue d’Ulm - Paris Ve , Salle des Conférences