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2 juin 2011

Harvard Law School, "Franco-American Legal Influences, Then and Now", June 12-13, 2011

Information transmise par Fr. Audren:
Harvard Law School
Franco-American Legal Influences, Then and Now

June 12-13, 2011

Sponsored by 
  • the Harvard Law School Institute for Global Law and Policy, 
  • the Harvard Program on International Legal Studies, 
  • the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard, 
  • the Sciences Po Law School, 
  • and the HLS Program on Law and Social Thought
Program Description

May, 2011

This day-long conference will explore historical and contemporary moments of intellectual influence and reception between French and US legal thought. We will examine the influence of the French pre World War I juristes inquiets (Gény, Salleiles, Demogue and others) on the American social jurists (Pound, Cardozo, Brandeis) and legal realists; the role of “French Theory” in changing the course of critical legal thought Studies in the US in the latter half of the twentieth century; and the impact of American legal theory on French legal theory movements and education today. We will ask several questions throughout: When have influence and reception been possible, under what political and intellectual conditions, and with what degree of desire, resistance, or reciprocity?  What interdisciplinary formations have been suggested by various waves of influence; when has social science, and when have the human sciences, emerged as law’s interdisciplinary dancing partner? What caused waves of influence, and their interdisciplinary desires, to subside and die out?   The program will conclude with a roundtable on contemporary possibilities for transatlantic legal study.

The immediate goals of the conference are to deepen awareness of French influence in American legal thought and practice, and of American influence in French legal thought and practice, and to hone our tools for the assessment of influence and reception, their conditions and the conditions that block them.

Tentative Program

Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard
Barker Center – Room 133
12 Quincy Street, Cambridge,MA02138

Sunday, June 12          
6:30 pm                        Kickoff  Discussion
Janet Halley, Duncan Kennedy, Jeannie Suk and Mikhail Xifaras, moderated by Homi Bhabha

Monday, June 13
8:30 am                         Breakfast reception

9:00                              Introductions

9:15-10:30                    Panel 1
“The Social” in France and in America: The Juristes Inquiets and Sociological Jurisprudence
Frédéric Audren; Marie Claire Belleau; Amalia Kessler; Julie Suk; Judith Surkis; Mark Toufayan; Mikhail Xifaras

         10:30-10:45                            Coffee break
       10:45 -11:45                 Panel 2
Legal Realism in America and Waning of Critique in France
Alexandre Guigue; Janet Halley; Christophe Jamin; David Kennedy; Kendall Thomas; Pierre Schlag; Michel Troper
11:45-1                         Lunch

1 – 2:20                        Panel 3
                                     Critique du Droit in France and CLS in the US
Louis Assier-Andrieu; Nathaniel Berman; Daniel
Borrillo; Antoine Jeammaud, Duncan Kennedy;
Eric Millard; Mark Tushnet

         2:30 – 4                         Panel 4
                                               “French Theory” in France and in the US (the                                                        Cargo Cult)
Peter Brooks; Eric Fassin; Peter Goodrich; Bernard Harcourt; Mitchel Lasser; Bernie Meyler; Andrew Parker; Ravit Reichman; Julie Saada

         4 – 4:20                         Coffee break

4:20-5:50                       Panel 5
Critical Legal Thought Today, in France and America
                                      Noa Ben Asher; Elizabeth Emens; Vincent Forray; Ariela Gross; Bertrand Guillarme; Stéphanie Hennette-Vaucher; Sebastien Pimont; Annelise Riles; Susie Schmeiser
         7                                    Reception and Dinner

Future Directions, a discussion over drinks moderated by Janet Halley, Duncan Kennedy, Jeannie Suk and Mikhail Xifaras, followed by …

Dinner celebration!