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6 mars 2012

King’s College CHE: "1848 as a Turning Point in the History of Political Thought", Cambridge, 11-12 avr 2012

Information transmise par A.-S. Chambost:
King’s College
Center for History and Economics 

1848 as a Turning Point in the History of Political Thought 

11-12 avril 2012
Provisional programme 
11 april 2012
  • 14.00 Welcome - introductions
14.15 Session I – After the French Revolution 
  • Gareth Stedman Jones (Queen Mary/Cambridge), The fantasy and reality of the German Revolution: Marx and 1848
  • Mark Philp (Oxford), Imagining democracy, 1750-1850 
  • Mike Sonenscher (Cambridge), Germaine de Staël - what she thought would or should come after the French Revolution. 
16.00 Tea Break

16.15 Session II – Liberals and Constitutionalists 
  • Jonathan Beecher (UC Santa Cruz), Lamartine and the Girondins 
  • Jon Parry (Cambridge), Lord John Russell - politics of patriotism 
  • Georgios Varouxakis (Queen Mary), John Stuart Mill/ Armand Carrel and French political development 
18.00 Discussion/drinks
19.30 Dinner 

12 April 2012
9.00 Arrival - Tea/Coffee

9.15 Session III – Democrats and Socialists 
  • Loïc Rignol (Franche-Comté), Socialist thought from Saint-Simon to 1848
  • Edward Castleton (Franche-Comté), Proudhon, socialists and the 18th Brumaire
  • Anne-Sophie Chambost (Paris V), Proudhon and the debates about representation in 1848-1850
  • Ludovic Frobert (ENS Lyon), Radical intellectuals: the Luxembourg Commission and the national workshops 
11.00 Coffee Break

11.15 Session IV – Republicanism 
  • Maurizio Isabella (Queen Mary), Italian Republicanism from 1848 to the Risorgimento 
  • Thomas Jones (Cambridge/Roehampton), The reformation of French Republican thinking in the light of 1848 
  • Doug Moggach (Ottawa), 1848: The debate between Republicans and Socialists 
13.00 Lunch

14.15 Session V – Nachmärz (Part I) 
  • Chris Clark (Cambridge), The 1850s as a period of creativity 
  • Anna Ross (Cambridge), Reaction or reform? Prussian state policy in the 1850's 
  • Diana Siclovan (Cambridge), 1848 and German socialism 
  • Alan Sked (LSE), 1848 in the Habsburg Monarchy and the nationality question 
15.45 Tea 

16.00 Session VI – Nachmärz (Part II) Conclusions 

The following have indicated their interest in participating in future events but are unable to attend this workshop:
  • Richard Bourke (Queen Mary)
  • Mark Hewitson (UCL)
  • Jeremy Jennings (Queen Mary)
  • Avi Lifschitz (UCL)
  • Willibald Steinmetz (Bielefeld) 
King’s College, Cambridge (UK)

Programme is available here

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