Chercher in Nomôdos

16 juin 2012

Nat. and Kapoditrstrian Univ. of Athens and Univ. of Durham, "3rd International Meeting of Young Historians of Ancient Greek Law", Athens, 6-7 sept 2012

Information transmise par I. N. Arnaoutoglou:
National and Kapoditrstrian University of Athens
University of Durham
(School of Law, Economics and Political Sciences, 
Faculty of Law, Dpt. of History and Theory of Law)

3rd International Meeting
of Young Historians of Ancient Greek Law

6-7 September 2012
Thursday, September 6, 2012 (9h30-19h)

9h30. - Opening session 
  • Carlo Pelloso, ΔΙΚΗ in Homeric Law. - Discussion.
  • David Lewis, Slave marriages in Gortyn: A matter of rights? - Discussion.
  • Alexandra Bartzoka, Solon et la Boulè des quatre cents. - Discussion.
  • Eleni Volonaki, Bouleusis and Antiphon 6 On the chorister. - Discussion.
14h-16h. - Lunch
  • Mirko Canevaro, The Twilight of Nomothesia: Legislation in Early-Hellenistic Athens. - Discussion.
  • Philipp Scheibelreiter, The parakatatheke of Mnesimachos. A dogmatic approach to ISardes 7,1,1. - Discussion.
  • Sara Saba, Beyond Politeia: Institutions and Diplomacy in the Hellenistic Time. - Discussion.
20h. - Dinner 

Fryday, September 7, 2012  (9h30-19h)
  • Marianthi Theodoropoulou, The Columns 38- 72 of the Revenue Laws of Ptolemy II. - Discussion.
  • Jose Luis Alonso Rodriguez, The Alienation of Real Securities in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt. - Discussion.
  • Eleni Diatsegkou, Fugitive Slaves in Hellenistic Egypt. - Discussion.
  • Jakub Urbanik, How to make Collaterals Effective? A Study of the Late Antique 'Real' Securities. - Discussion.
14h-16h. - Lunch 
  • Karin Wiedergut, Between Private Autonomy and State Approval – The Role of the Polis Archives in Asia. - Discussion.
  • Georgy Kantor, The laws of the Lycians: A re-consideration of the evidence.  - Discussion. 
  • Julien Fournier, Les ekdikoi dans les cités grecques à l’époque de l’hégémonie romaine. Discussion.
20h. - Dinner

Old University, 5, Tholou str., Plaka

Further informations:
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