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24 nov. 2012

[revue] "Jurisprudence. An International Journal of Legal and Political Thought", vol. 3, Issue 1, 2012


An International Journal of Legal and Political Thought
Volume 3 . Issue 1 . 2012

  • The Jurisprudence Annual Lecture 2012: Making Laws Better or Making Better Laws?, Onora O’Neill
  • What Conscience Can Do for Equity, Irit Samet
  • Three Versions of Liberal Tolerance: Dworkin, Rawls, Raz, Denise Meyerson

Custom and Living Law

  • Introduction, Donal Coffey
  • On Law and Justice in Community, Paul Brady
  • The Legitimate Authority of the Living Law, Oran Doyle
  • Rescuing Living Law from Jurisprudence, Marc Hertogh
  • On the Spontaneous Sources of Law, Garrett Barden
  • Living Law, Normative Pluralism, and Analytic Jurisprudence, Tim Murphy


  • Four reviews of Alan Brudner, Punishment and Freedom: A Liberal Theory of Penal Justice, with a response from Alan Brudner
  • Alan Brudner and the Contemporary Significance of Hegel’s Philosophy of Law, Tony Burns
  • Can Punishment be Freedom Enhancing?, Alon Harel
  • Alan Brudner, Punishment and Freedom, Dudley Knowles
  • A Methodological Question about Alan Brudner’s Punishment and Freedom, Hamish Stewart
  • A Reply to Burns, Harel, Knowles and Stewart, Alan Brudner
  • Some Reflections on The Moral Dimensions of Human Rights: A Review of Carl Wellman, The Moral Dimensions of Human Rights, Nicole Hassoun
  • On the Ground and Content of our Obligations to Future Generations: A Review of Axel Gosseries and Lukas H Meyer (eds),Intergenerational Justice, Sylvie Loriaux
  • The Limits of Finnis’s Nontheistic Account of Human Dignity and Rights: A Review of John Finnis, Human Rights and Common Good, David Thunder
  • Two Philosophies of Law: A Review of Andrei Marmor, Philosophy of Law and John Finnis, Philosophy of Law, Mátyás Bódig
  • The ‘Postnational Condition’ of Law and Politics: A Review of Nico Krisch,Beyond Constitutionalism: The Pluralist Structure of Postnational Law, Peter Langford
  • Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Ingenuity of the Human Rights Act: A Review of Aileen Kavanagh, Constitutional Review under the UK Human Rights Act, Adam Tucker

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