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19 janv. 2013

MfO, Legal History Seminar: "The Legal Roots of Europe", Oxford, janv-févr 2013 Programme

Information transmise par S. Kernéis et Fr. Audren:
Maison française d'Oxford

Legal History Seminar: 
The Legal Roots of Europe

Janvier-février 2013


Wednesday 23 January 2013 (5.00pm)
Seminar Room 3, All Souls College
  • “The Legal Nature of the Feudal Bond. A Story on Law and Society in the 13th Century”, Emanuele CONTE, University of Rome III 
  • “Jacques de Revigny: Roman Law as a means to shape French Law”, Kees BEZEMER, University of Leiden 

Wednesday 30 January, 5.30pm
Seminar Room 3, All Souls College 
  • “When North becomes South: Military Law in the Bavarian Code”, Stefan ESDERS, Free University, Berlin 
    • Discussant: Ian WOOD, University of Leeds 

Wednesday 27 February, 5.00pm
Seminar Room 3, All Souls College 
  • “The incunabula of the Romano-Canonical Process”, Luca LOSCHIAVO, University of Teramo 
  • Boudewijn SIRKS, All Souls College, 
  • Soazick KERNEIS, Université Paris Ouest-MFO 
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