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14 juin 2013

Sc. Po., CEVIPOV, ED, 1st Grad. Conf with J. Raz: "Political Theory", Paris, June 20-21, 2013

Sciences Po
CEVIPOV - Ecole doctorale

First Graduate Conference 
With Joseph Raz 
Political Theory 


June 20-21, 2013 
Keynote Speaker:
  • Joseph Raz, Professor at Columbia University Law School and King’s College London 
Thursday, June 20 
9:00 Welcome & Registration 
  • 9:30 Keynote Address by Joseph Raz: Law Through a Normative Lense 
10:30 Coffee Break 
  • Panel 1 – The Justification of Autonomy and Authority After Raz 
Moderator: Alicia-Dorothy Mornington 
    • 11:00 Why Care About Autonomy?, Renaud-Philippe Garner, Paris I 
    • 11:45 Raz, Authority and Political Anarchism, Bruno Leipold, UCL 
12:30 Lunch Break 

  • Panel 2 – Raz, Reasons and Rights 
Moderator: Andrei Poama 
    • 14:00 Pre-Emptive Political Philosophy, Luke MacInnis, Columbia University 
    • 14:45 Is Raz’s Conception of Human Rights Razian?, Alain Zysset, University of Fribourg
  • Panel 3 – Assessing the Limits of Political Association 
Moderator: Benjamin Boudou 
    • 16:00 Between the Paternalism of Perfectionism and the Pessimism of Positivism: Tacit Consent and Political Obligation in a ‘Love It or Leave It’ Voluntary Association, Jennifer Page, Harvard University 
    • 16:45 Should Freedom of Association Imply a Right to Discriminate in Membership?, Luise Papcke, Columbia University 
15:30 Coffee Break 

20:00 Dinner
Dinner  (for participants) will take place at Fuxia, an Italian restaurant near the Jardins du Luxembourg, 13 rue Médicis 

Friday, June 21 
  • Panel 4 – Political Theory in Practice 
Moderators: Aurélia Bardon, Élise Rouméas 
    • 10:30 The Rhetoric of Disillusionment, Astrid Sigglow, Universität München 
    • 11:15 Of Lemons and Lemonade: Assessing the Impact of Multiple Citizenship on Global Equality, Ana Tanasoca, University of Essex 
12:00 Lunch Break 
  • Panel 5 – Liberalism, Between Neutrality and Recognition 
Moderator: Tom Theuns 
    • 13:30 Is State Neutrality Possible Under Capitalism? A Critique of Liberal Neutrality on Matters of the Good Life, Sophia Chan, University of Hong Kong 
    • 14:15 Why Respect is Not Enough: When Difference Calls For Esteem, Francesco Chiesa, University of South Wales 
15:00 Coffee Break 
  • Panel 6 – Non-Ideal Theory: The Contours of Wrongdoing and the Grounds for Coercion 
Moderator: Denis Ramond 
    • 15:30 Penal Torture or Penal Abolition, Cléo Grimaldi, Georgia State University 
    • 16:10 What Could Ground a Right to Procreate?, Erik Magnusson, University of Oxford 
    • 16:50 A Home for Dignity: Wrongdoing and Expressive Actions, Amneris Chaparro, University of Essex
  • Aurélia Bardon 
  • Benjamin Boudou 
  • Elisabeth Chertok 
  • Alicia-Dorothy Mornington 
  • Andrei Poama 
  • Denis Ramond 
  • Elise Rouméas
CEVIPOF,  98, rue de l’Université, Paris

Illustr.: Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Les effets du bon gouvernement, détail. 1338-1340. Fresque. Sienne, Palais Public