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5 juin 2015

MfO, "Legal Pluralism in the Roman Empire and the Perception of the Law of the Other", Oxford, 15-16 juin 2015

Information transmise par C. Némo-Pekelman:
Maison française d'Oxford

Legal Pluralism in the Roman Empire and the Perception of the Law of the Other 

15-16 juin 2015

  • Katell Berthelot (CNRS/Aix-en-Provence)
  • Capucine Nemo-Pekelman (Paris-Ouest Nanterre University)
  • Martin Goodman (Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies)
  • Catherine Darbo-Peschanski (CNRS/MFO) 
  • GDRI JUDROME and CURERE network; Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies 
From 15th June, 9.00am to 16th June, 5.30pm 

Monday, June 15 
  • 9am | Welcome and Introduction 
Chair: Alan Bowman 
  • 9.30-10am | Caroline Humfress (Birkbeck University of London): Introduction: “Rethinking Forum Shopping in the Context of Ancient Law” 
10am | Coffee break 

  • 10.30am | Jakub Urbanik (University of Warsaw): “Legal Pluralism in Roman Egypt: It is best to declare law for them upon the law of the Egyptians” 
  • 11.30am | Jose Luis Alonso (The University of the Basque Country): “Legal Pluralism in Roman Egypt: the ‘Laws of the Egyptians’ and the Roman Jurisdiction” 
12.30am | Lunch 

Chair: Soazick Kerneis 

Egypt (continued) 
  • 1.30pm | Anna Dolganov (Institut für Kulturgeschichte der Antike, Vienna): “‘Men of the Law’: Legal and Forensic Practitioners in the Provinces in the Early and High Empire” 
Asia Minor 
  • 2.30pm | Georgy Kantor (St John’s College, Oxford), “Legal Pluralism in Roman Asia Minor” 
3.30pm | Coffee break 

Chair: Caroline Humfress 

The West 
  • 4pm | Soazick Kerneis (Paris-Ouest Nanterre University – Maison Française d’Oxford) “Legal Pluralism in the Western Roman Empire: Popular Legal Sources and Legal History” 
  • 5pm | Marie Roux (Paris-Ouest Nanterre University): “‘Forum shopping’ and special jurisdictions in the context of the first regna in Gaul: the example of the Visigothic kingdom” 

Tuesday, June 16 

Chair: Martin Goodman 
  • 9am | Carlos Lévy (Paris Sorbonne University): “Cicero and the Barbarian Laws: A Philosophical Problem?” 
10am | Coffee break 

  • 10.30am | Hannah Cotton (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): “Back to the Application of ‘Private International Law’ to Jurisdiction in the Roman Empire” 
  • 11.30am | Kimberley Czajkowski (University of Münster): “Law made Local: The Babatha Archive” 
12.30am | Lunch 

Chair: Hannah Cotton 

Judea/Palestine (Continued) 
  • 1.30pm | Katell Berthelot (CNRS, Aix-en-Provence): “The Roman Legal System in Jewish Literary Sources” 
  • 2.30pm | Yair Furstenberg (Ben Gurion University of the Negev): “‘The Custom of the State’: The Shifting Status of Foreign Legal Practices in Early Rabbinic Law” 
3.30pm | Coffee break 
  • 4pm | Ron Naiweld (CNRS, Paris): “The Judge as a Sovereign. The Rabbinic Invention of the Beit-din in its Historical and Hermeneutical Context” 
  • 5pm | Jill Harries (University of St Andrews): Conclusions 
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