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9 juin 2015

Univ Warwick, expo. virt.: "The Last Stand. Napoleon's 100 Days in 100 Objects"

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The University of Warwick
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The Exhibition
Everyone has heard of Waterloo. Less well-known is that Napoleon had already been defeated in 1814, but escaped his exile on Elba in February 1815, swept across France gathering troops, and toppled the newly restored Bourbon monarchy in Paris without firing a shot. Only then was he defeated at Waterloo in June 1815, finally surrendering in July. Day by day, this website releases an object that sheds light on these dramatic events, along with weekly summaries outlining the period more broadly. To see today’s object, press the red button below; you can also see previous entries by going to 'objects' where all those to have appeared so far can be found in chronological order. See today's object

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Please cite the website as follows: The Last Stand: Napoleon's 100 days in 100 objects, ed. Katherine Astbury, Katherine Hambridge and Mark Philp (Warwick Digital Humanities 2015),

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This University of Warwick online exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Professor Mark Philp (History), the European History Research Centre, and a team working on an AHRC-funded project on French Theatre of the Napoleonic Era (Principal Investigator Dr Katherine Astbury; postdoctoral research fellow Dr Katherine Hambridge; and PhD students Devon Cox and Clare Siviter).

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