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24 juil. 2015

"Montesquieu Law review", Issue 2 July 2015, spec. ed. - "Privacy"

Montesquieu Law review
Issue 2 July 2015 Special Edition 

The Montesquieu Law review shall be available either to read or download via this page. It shall be published as a quarterly digital publication, including two special issues every year, showcasing the best of legal academic writing and research.

Taken together, the two general issues published annually will provide readers with a broad overview of developments in each specialism in French law over the course of each legal year, while the special issues will closely examine topical, often contentious subjects.

All articles featured in the Review will be available to view online and download free of charge. Further free content, such as newsletters, podcasts, videos and discussion forums, will be added over time to complement the general and special issues. We hope that this approach to making French law accessible to a wider, non-French-speaking audience, making full use of evolving internet technologies and techniques, will help to make the Montesquieu Law Review innovative and appeal to a wide audience.

This new digital publication will therefore seek to break new ground on a number of levels: French law presented in English from a perspective that will be of interest to an extensive readership; establishing the intrinsic value of French national law on an international level; giving French law a place in engaging in and expanding international legal dialogue.

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Papers and articles may be submitted for inclusion in the Law Review, subject to approval from the Scientific and Editorial Boards.

Issue 2 July 2015 Special Edition 
Contents this issue 

  • Editorial, Olivier Dutheillet de Lamothe, Honorary President of the Social Section, Conseil d’Etat, Honorary member of the Constitutional Council - Full text (English) - Full text (Français)
  • The right to respect for private life and the right to respect for privacy: the case for an aggiornamento, Associate Professor Hubert Alcaraz, Université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour. - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français)
  • Criminal provisions for the protection of privacy: between the archaic and the ineffective, Associate Professor Mikaël Benillouche, Faculty of Law & Political Science, University of Amiens - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français) 
  • The right to respect for private life: an effective tool in the right to be forgotten?, Associate Professor Maryline Boizard, Faculty of Law & Political Science, University of Rennes 1 - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français)
  • The right to privacy: twenty years of constitutional recognition , Estelle Bomberger, Lecturer, Sciences Po and the Institut Catholique de Paris - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français)
  • Privacy and political assassinations in France during the Trois Glorieuses: the meanderings of Orleanism, Associate Professor Sophie Delbrel, University of Bordeaux - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français)
  • Privacy and the disclosure of administrative documents: a well-guarded secret?, Marie-Odile Diemer, Lecturer, University of Bordeaux - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français)
  • The war on terror and the protection of personal data, Professor Philippe Ch.-A. Guillot, Professor of International Relations, French Air Force Academy - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français) 
  • The personal life of the employee versus the interests of the company, Associate Professor Chantal Mathieu, University of Franche-Comté - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français) 
  • Privacy and ethics, Associate Professor Olivier Pluen, Université des Antilles et de la Guyane - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français)
  • Invasions of privacy via the internet: aspects of private international lawAssociate Professor Jean Sagot Duvauroux, University of Bordeaux - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français) 
  • Transparency in public life and respect for private lifeAssociate Professor Messaoud Saoudi, Université Lumière Lyon II - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français) 
  • The fatal metamorphoses of image rightsProfessor Isabelle Tricot-Chamard, Kedge Business School, Bordeaux - Abstract - Full text (English) - Full text (Français)