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4 sept. 2015

Univ. Bordeaux + Maison franç Oxford colloq. "The Sacred and the Layman: Popular Literature of Law", Oxford, 5 sept. 2015

Information transmise par L. Guerlain:
Université de Bordeaux
Maison française d'Oxford

The Sacred and the Layman:
 Popular Literature of Law

5 septembre 2015


  • Nader Hakim
  • Laetitia Guerlain
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  • 9.45am. - Laetitia Guerlain, Nader Hakim (Université de Bordeaux), Introduction: “Does popular legal literature exist? Beneath the sacred… the layman” 
Chair : Fabien Girard (MFO, Université Pierre Mendès-France) 
  • 10.15am. - Guillaume Richard (Université Jean Moulin, Lyon), “The Guides du sinistré (Guides to the victim of war damage) (1915-1920’s): the victim, passive instrument of administration or strategist ?” 
  • 11am. - Annamaria Monti (Università Bocconi, Milano), “National unification, codes, economic life and the publishing market: popular legal literature in Italy in the 19th century” 
  • 12am. - Prune Decoux (Université de Bordeaux), “The Louisianais' Editorials: The French Case assisting the Southern Reconstruction” 
Chair : Anne Simonin (MFO, CNRS) 
  • 2pm. - Pierre-Nicolas Barenot (Université de Bordeaux), “The ABC of law: legal lexicography and the layman” 
  • 2.45pm. - Kévin Bremond (Université de Bordeaux), “The newspaper Le droit populaire:an attempt at popular legal knowledge (1880-1883)” 
  • 4pm. - Luke Mason (University of Surrey), “Legal mythology and legal experience in popular fiction: A comparative literary jurisprudence of common and civil law” 
  • 4.45pm. - Ciara Kennefick (Queen’s College, Oxford), “Contract law and mathematics: the idea of the just price at the dawn of probability theory” 
  • 5.30pm. - Laetitia Guerlain, Nader Hakim, Conclusions 

All Welcome 
You are welcome from 9.30am Tea/Coffee will be served at 9:30am and 3:30pm Every talk will be followed by a 15min discussion Lunch will be at 12:45am Drinks at 6pm